The Crow (1994)

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The Crow – Comic Book Movies: A man and his fiancée are brutally murdered by small time thugs just before their wedding day. A supernatural force provided by a crow, brings the man back to life to get his revenge against all who was involved in his murder. “Buildings Burn, People Die, But Real Love Is Forever.”

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Musician Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) and his fiancée are in there apartment celebrating their wedding the next day when 4 thugs led by T-bird (David Patrick Kelly) and his thugs break in and kill both of them. Outside the crime scene Sergeant Albrecht (Ernie Hudson) can only offer the truth telling their teenage friend Sarah (Rochelle Davis), that neither one made it. One year later, on the anniversary of their death, Eric is brought back to life from the grave. With the power of immortality, increased physical mobility, and his sidekick crow, he hunts down all the gang members. Unfortunately for Eric, he has no idea the gang is just a useful tool for the real vicious leader Top Dollar (Michael Wincott) who leads other criminal gangs all across the city.

With a dark theme, they really captured a comic book type feel to the scenery. This was Branon Lee’s (Son of Bruce Lee) break out movie. Brandon did a great job in his first lead role in a major motion picture as well as Michael Wincott playing opposite Brandon as the villain. Some great special effects that complimented the action scenes. Just like his father Bruce, tragedy struck when Lee was mysteriously fatally wounded during filming. Since Brandon had finished most of his scenes, through script rewrites, a stunt double, and digital effects they finished the movie.

My Rating: 10 out of 10

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