Léon: The Professional (1994)

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Léon: The Professional – Action Crime Movies: A young pre-teen girl living with a dysfunctional family, comes home one day and finds the family murdered. The neighbor at the end of the hall, a professional assassin, takes her in. They form a unusual relationship as she becomes his protégée to get revenge for her little brother. “No women, no kids, that’s the rules.”

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Léon (Jean Reno) keeps to himself, and lives a strict organized life as a cleaner (hitman). He lives in New York City working for a criminal named “Old Tony” (Danny Aiello). A couple of doors down the hall from Léon lives 12 year old Mathilda (Natalie Portman) and her dysfunctional family. Mathilda’s father holds drugs for corrupt DEA agent Stansfield (Gary Oldman) and his partners, and one day the father is short what was originally given to him. Needless to say, the family ends up dead. Reluctantly, Léon takes in Mathilda, and she asks him if he could teach her to be a cleaner so she can revenge for her little brothers death. Léon teaches Mathilda, but she has no idea what she is in for, and neither does Léon.

With his French accent and reactionless stone face, Jean Reno is so exceptional at spy or hitman characters. Natalie Portman does a great job in her role, for her age. Action sequences were outstanding and plentiful. Kind of a weird situation they way the scenes are put together as they live together, but overall the movie is very entertaining. A MUST SEE!

My Rating: 10 out of 10

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